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Please review these common issues. If these don’t address your question, then complete the form below.

Why doesn't the Android version have all the features of the iPhone version?

Because of the large assortment of Android devices with different hardware, software and screen sizes, it is much more difficult and time consuming to develop for Android. Please know that we are working to bring Android up to parity with the iPhone version, but we can’t give a timeframe as to when the features will be available.

The reminders have never worked.

Ensure that your “Quiet Times” are set correctly.

“Quiet From” indicates the time you’d like the reminders to stop. For example, when “Quiet From” is set to 9:00 PM, the reminders will not alert after that time.

“Quiet To” indicates the time you’d like the reminders to continue again. For example, when “Quiet To” is set to 7:00 AM, the reminders will begin to alert again after that time.

If that all looks correct, then it may be an issue with your device. Please continue using the form below to let us know what device you’re encountering these issues on. Unfortunately, some Android devices have customizations that interfere with the functionality of the reminders. We continue to work to make the app compatible with more devices.

The reminders stopped working.

There is a known issue with Android devices in which the reminders stop working over time. To reactivate the reminders, simply toggle the “On/Off” switch from off and then back to on again.

The Scriptures appear to be cut off.

On some devices it’s hard to see, but if you run your finger up and down over the Scripture or “Talk Back” text, it will scroll so that you can read each in its entirety.

Can you add more Scriptures or categories?

Yes! The app is designed so that we can push new Scriptures and categories to your devices. But iPhone users may add their own categories and Scriptures with a one-time in-app upgrade. When in a category, simply tap the + icon in the top-right corner to see the options to add your own Scriptures.

If there are Scripture or categories that you’d like to see included by default, please suggest them using the form below.

No Scripture cards appear when I tap a category.

Sometimes a blip in your internet connection while you downloaded the app interferes with the download of all the data. Almost always, deleting and then redownloading the app fixes this issue.

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